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Manage the subscriptions for members of your organisation - online.

Netrix can provide a subscription management solution tailored to the unique circumstances of your organisation, hosted on a website just for your organisation.

To try our demonstration subscription management website please login here.

To find out how Netrix could get your subscription management up and running please contact us.

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Member features:
  • Update personal details.
  • Create or join a sub-network.
  • Search for other members using a wide range of search criteria.
  • Obtain a PDF document of the memberhship database.
  • Register for an upcoming event.
Administrator features:
  • Create or update a member.
  • Create a membership fee structure.
  • Create an event (for members to attend).
  • Create a sub-network of related members.
  • Search for members using a wide range of search criteria.
  • Manage banking transactions so member payments can be tracked.
  • Email members when payments are received.
  • Dynamically generate a PDF document of the membership database.
  • Import members from a CSV file.
  • Export the membership database in Spreadsheet format.

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